Fisio Chamber Vision (Mediplus Ltd) 1 device

Type Small Volume Spacer
Warranty details 24 months from manufacturing defects
Dimensions 15cm length, 5cm width
Price £8.00

Training material

Technique with multibreath (tidal breathing)

Technique with single breath

Technique with child (single & multibreath)

Cleaning Instructions

Remove parts as shown and open the chamber Soak the parts for 15 minutes in lukewarm clean water and mild detergent. Agitate gently. Rinse the parts in clean water. Shake out excess of water and allow to air dry. Do not use dry clothes to dry. Make sure all the parts are dry before reassembly. Reassembly parts as shown and stock the product in a dry and clean container. Storage temperature -10°/+45° C Realative Humidity 30% / 80%


Compatible but not licensed