There are over 120 inhaler device & drug combinations licensed for the treatment of respiratory disease in the UK and it can be challenging for clinicians and patients to identify the product which best meets individual needs. RightBreathe is a web-based resource which provides detailed information on all UK-licensed inhaler products. It is designed to support joint decision-making about product choice and to facilitate appropriate prescribing.

Choosing & matching the device to the needs and abilities of individual patients is critical to successful treatment as is teaching patients how to use it properly. There is firm evidence that patients who don’t user their inhaler correctly don’t achieve the maximum possible benefit from their treatment. The technique needed varies between different types of device and may vary between devices of the same type. RightBreathe provides links to a comprehensive range of videos which teach optimal inhaler technique for every device, to help patients achieve the best possible outcomes from their treatment.

RightBreathe was created by NHS pharmacists and doctors for NHS patients. It is now funded and maintained by the NHS London Procurement Partnership with the oversight of a multi-professional steering board.  Make and Ship, the development partners who built RightBreathe continue to provide technical support for RightBreathe.

We are also hugely grateful to the significant numbers of both general clinicians and respiratory specialists who have supported the project throughout, and have in many instances given up their own time to help with particular areas of testing and development.


The RightBreathe Steering Board

Since roll out, the portal has attracted continued interest and continues to grow year on year. It was necessary to separate the clinical development and maintenance of the portal from the strategic and commercial decision making process that will shape its future. To support the future maintenance and development of the RightBreathe inhaler portal, the RightBreathe Steering Board was formed and is the final decision making group for the product. The board aims to shape the near future and more long term direction of RightBreathe in order to ensure that there is a plan in place for sustaining, developing and growing RightBreathe for the foreseeable future.